Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spending the night in Bakersfield on the way to a funeral tomorrow.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I've got a new blog!  I'm a pretty creative person, so I decided to snap pictures of anything that might inspire me.Good Muse Pix. ... And in a shameless ploy to get more followers...I am giving away a bracelet. (I made it.)

My loyal 15 followers get three automatic chances (yippee!!) since they publicly follow me.  If you sign up as a follower I will enter your name in the drawing.  If you sign up to follow both blogs you get two chances.  I will put the names in a hat and the lucky winner gets the bracelet.  How easy is that? I promise I will take better photos tomorrow. The colors are much nicer than this photo shows.

Welcome 2011

It's 1/1/11!  DH is off working, so I thought I would start my new blog.  I have been short on inspiration in my work.  So in an effort to rekindle the muse so to speak, I am doing this blog.  I will try to post pix of everyday life that inspire me in one way or another.  Today's pix are from a local market.  I guess you would call it an ethnic market, as they carry lots of things you don't normally see at Von's.

I saw orange blossom water and rose water.  What do you use it for?  Or how about pomegranate or grape molasses.

This photo has my favorite salad dressing.  The poppy seed is great.  Many times it's over $4 a bottle.  So at this price I bought 3. I also had fun in the spice aisle.  Large bags of spice for a really reasonable price.  Imagine that!